John Macgyver, AKA Douchnozzle or simple Douche, is a main character in Total Frat Movie, and is a close friend of both Charlie Martin and Billy Taylor. Along with Billy and Taylor, he helped re-instate the Alpha Xi fraternity

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At some point, John would befriend Charlie and Billy, and like them, pledged to the Alpha Xi Gamma fraternity as Mason Dixon University.

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John is with Charlie, Billy and other pledges during their final test; being submerged up to their shoulders in ice cold water. John struggles to stay in, but Charlie and Billy help him through to the end. Unfortunately for John, the Alpha Xi members take this opportunity to call him "Douchenozzle", and from then on, that becomes his nickname.

During Alpha Xi's celebration of its new pledges, John, Billy and Charlie are easily distracted by Becca Henley and Katie Dalton, allowing the Kappa New members to sabotage Charlie's fireworks. This results in one of the fireworks ending up in the Alpha's Xi building, starting a fire. The next morning Dean Kravits, Mason Dixon's head, terminates the Alpha's Xi fraternity, ending John's life as a Alpha Xi member before it began. Over the next three years, John, Charlie and Billy were forced to live elsewhere on campus. John himself described his time as being "in a vaginal rut for three goddamn years", forcing him to go so low as to masturbate to the sounds of the women Billy (and perhaps Charlie) were having sex with. John is in his room masturbating to just that when Charlie storms back to their dorm. John is skeptic when Charlie tells him and Billy there's a way for Alpha Xi to be re-instated, and agrees with Charlie when they propose Billy have a fencing match with Kappa New's leader AJ.

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